Welcome to Cruden Bay Training Limited

In case you were wondering, this is also the home of Cruden Bay IT Services, the retail arm of the company, based in Cruden Bay.


We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • WiFi and Internet access
  • Print and Scan services
  • CV checking and printing
  • Malware removal
  • Computer repairs
  • Data backup assistance
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Beginners sessions (think Computing for the terrified)
  • Training (see below)


Microsoft Office is an incredibly powerful tool, yet most people don’t get the best out of it.

I have been providing computer training, mainly Excel, but plenty of other topics as well to various Oil and Gas related companies in Aberdeen, and throughout the UK and USA for over 10 years.

I first qualified as a Microsoft Office Master Specialist in Office 2003 and have taken all the exams to become certified for every version (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) since, and I love helping people to do more, or to do what they do more efficiently.

I have done more Excel training than all the other training I have delivered combined, and that’s great, since it happens to be my favourite subject.

Give me a call or drop me an email, all the various methods of contacting us are on the Contacts page.